About us

President message

We, NANYO CO., LTD. aim to develop and progress ourselves as "Professional manufacturer" in Japan and oversea, in the field of cosmetics production machine and its peripheral equipment, through main activity of private label establishment and quality management system ISO 9001.
By and with our unique technical development, we are professional to design, manufacture and sale our pilot machine, industial machine and its peripheral equipment to provide high-value added cosmetics, with a point of view such as downsizing, energy saving, digitalization, general versatility, safety, increase productivity and reduce skilled worker process, comparing with cosmetics production machine as conventional model.
We actively work on application and acquisition of patent and utility model for our new technology development, and all of these idea are accepted by cosmetics manufacture and OEM company in Japan and oversea.
Our main product is Slurry filling machine, Powder press machine, Lipstick filling machine, Multi color powder press machine and so on, and these machines show our strong point.
We operate with the emphasis on supply the machine which satisfy each customer's quality requirement, and mechanical/electrical safety and safety for operator through the risk assessment activity of the machine.


Contact person

Yuichi Arashida
I'm Yuichi Arashida who is in charge of international sales.
I'll reply for all contact from oversea.
I am only English-speaker in our company, and other people in NANYO can't speak English at all.
So please do not make phone call to NANYO except urgent matter, because sometimes I'm out of the office, and if other people pick up the phone from oversea when I'm out of office, they would hang up the phone with out any message, so we think it is very rude for you.
So please send the e-mail to me if you would like to contact us.
I'm availble to reply you from Monday to Friday, from AM 9:00 to PM 18:00(Japan time).
In case of first contact Nanyo, please contact us from this NANYO web site.

Map of our factory

To visit our company

From Narita Airport : About 2 hours by car
From Haneda Airport : About 1 hour by car
From Tokyo station : About 1 hour by train
The closest train station
  : Takatsu station (Tokyu Den-en-Toshi Line)


Why NANYO is so strong in the cosmetics production machine?

Our president had worked in cosmetic OEM company in Japan for 18 years, before the establishment of NANYO.
He had been in charge of formulation development, raw material analysis, container(pan/mechanism) selection, production control include trouble shooting, machine maintenance, quality control, sales activity and so on in the cosmetic OEM company. But he couldn't find any satisfactory cosmetics production machine in this cosmetic OEM company, so he established NANYO to design and manufacture the cosmetics production machine.
Now it goes by about 30 years, so NANYO is in superior position of the technology development both hardware and software, from cosmetics production to finished product.

Why NANYO don't exhibit in the exhibition?

We don't exhibit our product in the exhibition, to manage the confidential information from each customer in Japan and oversea, to avoid leaking our new technology, and for cost reduction.
But we always have typical demonstration machine in our company, so it is possible for us to do the filling or press test with your powder and bulk for you, and your attending is welcome.

What is PR medium from NANYO?

It is this web site for Japan and oversea.
And we register our company and product information in English on "Alibaba.com" for oversea.
And some oversea customer know NANYO by word of mouth, in case they have their R&D or sales department in JAPAN.

What is NANYO sales style?

In principle, no matter what Japan and oversea, we have business and sales directly with our machine user without through any trading company.
So we can communicate efficiently and reduce misunderstanding each other such as required specification, purchase agreement, after service and so on.

Which country NANYO has experience of export?

We have experience to export our machine to cosmetics manufacture and OEM company in China, France, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippine, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and US.(Alphabetical)

Is it possible for NANYO to conform to CE regulation?

Possible. We ship out the machine which conform to CE regulation, after the final validation of the machine, according to risk assessment by NANYO in design stage, conform to each customer's safety requirement and safety validation by third party.
And we will make a documentation of the self-declaration of conformity to CE regulation. And our agent in Europe "MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY" will support us for CE regulation.

Which cosmetics manufacture Nanyo has business in Japan?

Private label :
 POLA, SHISEIDO and so on.(Alphabetical)
 TOKIWA, TOSHIKI INTERNATIONAL and so on.(Alphabetical)

What kind of machine NANYO can supply, except for cosmetics production machine?

We have experience to ship out our machine to food industry(Curry powder press), pharmaceutical industry(Soap powder press), chemical industry(Antirust powder press), industrial product(Metallic powder press) and university(Ceramic powder press), by use of our technology.
The main requirement from these field is to make the cake by the powder very softly and/or less hardness difference.

What kind of language is possible for NANYO to indicate in operation panel?

Our standard language is Japanese and English, it is possible to indicate in the operation panel.
But if you support us to translate language from English to your language, it is possible for us to indicate your language in the operation panel.

What kind of information NANYO can supply with the exception of the machine information?

We can provide the information for you about general make up cosmetics such as cosmetics market trend in Japan, container(pan, mechanism and so on), cosmetics processing technology, cosmetics product characteristics, cosmetics formula characteristics and so on.