Service flow

Service flow

Guaranteed term 1 year after the installation in the work shop. The guaranteed term will be 6 month, in case of 24 hours operation pre a day.
The detail about guarantee is written in the manufacture specification.
Mechanical problem after installation Please inform us the detail of the problem and picture by e-mail.
We will suggest the appropriate solution.
If we can't find any solution, we will visit your factory, according to the guarantee which is written in the manufacture specification.
Soft-ware problem and change after installation We will send the modified soft-ware by e-mail, and please install this modified soft-ware with memory card by customer.
Procedure is written in the operation manual.
But in case of our standard PLC and touch panel from KEYENCE brand.
Parts breakage and consumable parts after installation Please inform us the type No in the drawing or picture of the parts by e-mail.
These parts are free in the guaranteed term.
If it is out of guaranteed term, we will send the quotation, and we will send the parts after order receiving.
Manufacturing of the new mold after installation Please send the drawing and sample of the pan or mechanism.
So we will validate if it is possible or not, and if it is possible, we will send the quotation.
After order receiving, we will start drawing and manufacturing for new mold.
If it is necessary, we will send the mold drawing.